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     You can call Mr. Jeremy a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR! He is a Dreamer and a Visionary. He does not just think it, but he puts his hands and feet to work, such as creating & Hosting a well-known social event called, "Mr. Jeremy's Topic Party” (13years), being an Artisan Baker beginning with "Mr. Jeremy's  Sweet Potato Pies" 13  years ago now GranDelights are featured inside of Gritz Cafe, also having a full dessert menu of Peach Cobblers, Pecan Pies, Banana Pudding, & Sweet Potato Pie COOKIES, plus he’s a Charismatic Host, a Self Published Author of two Motivational Book of Quotes “POW Vol.1 & P.O.W. Vol.2”,  Personal Emoji line “GrandMojis” (before it became a recent trend), as well as an Inspirational T-Shirt Line and Hat Collection!

     Mr. Jeremy has received and been awarded a State of Nevada Proclamation presented by  Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson, Excellence Award, Shea Moisture Power Player Achievement Award, Culinary & Lifestyle Expert, Fan Favorite Award, Entrepreneur & Business of the Year, Brother of the Year, Success in the City Recipient, Vegas Urban Pride Best Baker Award! He also volunteers, sponsors and donates to numerous organizations!

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