Mr. Grand Jeremy

     You can call Mr. Jeremy a TRUE ENTREPRENEUR! He is a Dreamer and a Visionary. He does not just think it, but he puts his hands and feet to work, such as creating & Hosting a well-known social event called, "Mr. Jeremy's Topic Party” (10 years), being an Artisan Baker beginning with "Mr. Jeremy's  Sweet Potato Pies" 9  years ago now GranDelights are featured in 3 local restaurants,  having a full dessert menu of Peach Cobblers, Pecan Pies, Banana Pudding, & Sweet Potato Pie COOKIES, plus he’s 

a Charismatic Host, a Self Published Author of two Motivational Book of Quotes “POW Vol.1 & P.O.W. Vol.2”,  Personal Emoji line “GrandMojis” (before it became a recent trend), as well as an Inspirational T-Shirt Line and Hat Collection! Mr. Jeremy has received and been awarded a State of Nevada Proclamation presented by Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson, Excellence Award, Shea Moisture Power Player Achievement Award , Culinary & Lifestyle Expert, Fan Favorite Award, Entrepreneur & Business of the Year, Brother of the Year, Success in the City Recipient, Vegas Urban Pride Best Baker Award! He also volunteers, sponsors and donates to numerous organizations!